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  • Rethinking society during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

About the project

In Reinvent, we work with industry partners to create a participatory platform for communities to develop, discuss and present best- practice examples of solutions for how to reopen society after the COVID-19 lockdown.

Reinvent will aggregate and curate best practice examples from around the globe, supplemented by insights from experts on how they might function in a Danish context, and present them in an accessible, interactive format to the the broader Danish public, so that citizens can access, evaluate, contribute to and discuss the examples. These citizen contributions can further inform decision makers when they select and implement solutions for reopening society without causing an overwhelming second wave of infections.

The crisis has demonstrated a great desire for people across professions to contribute, but there is also a marked lack of shared resources to coordinate and consolidate these efforts. The Reinvent catalogs are seeded by state-of-the art knowledge into these solutions and subsequently co-created and discussed with the broader public. Reinvent will thus provide a common resource to support both citizens and authorities in exploring, discussing, and prioritising the potential solutions for reopening society and reinventing ways of living and working.

To support the creation of Reinvent, we will moreover develop a tool for remote collaboration, Ideate, that will support multiple stakeholders from different disciplines in sharing, developing & curating concepts that can be fed into Reinvent catalogs.