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The Centre for Digital Creativity is a research center at the School of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University. The objective of of the centre is to explore and develop interactive systems and technologies that help people create and innovate. The center houses five research projects and has ongoing collaborations with a range of affiliated researchers and external partners in academia, industry, and the public sector. 


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2018.10.26 | News type

We are very happy to introduce our new post-doc, Gökçe Elif Baykal!

Watch the video below to learn more about Gökçe!

2018.10.03 | News type

Talk: Creativity in the Digital Age: Current State and Future Directions

Michael Mose Biskjaer from The Center for Digital Creativity is delivering a talk on Creativity in…

2018.10.02 | News type

Michael Mose Biskjaer attended the first Creativity Conference in Oregon!

In early August, Michael Mose Biskjaer from the Center for Digital Creativity went to the four-day…

2018.09.24 | News type

We are happy to introduce a new member of our team, Bjarke Vognstrup Fog!

We are very excited to welcome one of the newest members of our team PHD student Bjarke Vognstrup…

2018.08.28 | News type

How can a gamification hackathon influence high school students creative process?

Jeanette Falk Olesen and Sarah-Kristin Thiel from the CDC were the organizers of a mini hackathon…