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2018.10.26 | People

We are very happy to introduce our new post-doc, Gökçe Elif Baykal!

Watch the video below to learn more about Gökçe!

2018.10.02 | News type

Michael Mose Biskjaer attended the first Creativity Conference in Oregon!

In early August, Michael Mose Biskjaer from the Center for Digital Creativity went to the four-day long Creativity Conference 2018 at Southern Oregon University in Ashland.

2018.09.24 | News type

We are happy to introduce a new member of our team, Bjarke Vognstrup Fog!

We are very excited to welcome one of the newest members of our team PHD student Bjarke Vognstrup Fog!

Jeanette Falk Olesen
Sarah-Kristin Thiel

2018.08.28 | News type

How can a gamification hackathon influence high school students creative process?

Jeanette Falk Olesen and Sarah-Kristin Thiel from the CDC were the organizers of a mini hackathon with participants from the ATU (the academy for talented youth)

2018.08.14 | News type

Roman Rädle is leaving the CDC

Roman Rädle is leaving the Centre for Digital Dreativity to work for another AU department the Computer Science Department.

2018.07.18 | Education

Midas Nouwens from the CDC received a scholarship for MIT

Our PHD-student Midas Nouwens has received a scholarship from the Danish Ministry of Education and Research to attend a six-month long exchange program at the prestigious ivy league university, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

2018.06.29 | Events

The Centre for Digital Creativity is hosting a workshop in Oslo at the ACM Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

The aim of this workshop is to examine and discuss the role and functions of digital tools in collaborative creative work.

2018.05.29 | News type

A new addition to our team, Christian Remy!

The Centre for Digital Creativity is happy to introduce one of the newest additions to our team - Assistant professor Christian Remy!

2018.05.25 | Awards

Raune Frankjær from The Centre for Digital Creativity won the prestigious PHD Eliteforsk Award!

Raune Frankjær won The Eliteforsk Travel Award for her PHD about how craft and digital technology can mediate in the non-human world.

2018.05.16 | News type

Do people prefer to use physical or digital sticky notes?

Many of us use sticky notes on a regular basis to jot down notes, make to do lists, and keep track of things at work. But now that we have digital sticky notes that can mimic many of the properties of physical sticky notes, which ones do people prefer to use?

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